PUBG Mobile Vs Call Of Duty: Are Chicken Dinner Days Over?


    Some say Call of Duty Mobile is a copy of the most popular and addictive mobile game, which is PUBG Mobile. Though it has similarities with the latter it also has some unique features which set it apart from other battle royal games.

    For starters, PUBG’s mobile version is of around 2 GB for android platform. For iOS, it is of 2.45 GB. But the download size of COD Mobile is approximately 1.5 GB. Apart from its low file size, it has also another advantage as it takes less time to install.

    Certainly, there are similarities in both the game in Battle Royale mode. Both of them have a bigger map in which players has to jump in it and then collect weapons. They have to save their teammates as well as have to kill the enemies.

    PUBG Mobile Vs Call Of Duty: Are Chicken Dinner Days Over?

    The different thing is the types of players. In PUBG, there is no superiority and uniqueness, when a player plays in a team. Unlike this, COD has brought a concept in which they offer each player to play a role with a special weapon. The player can even be a medic to look after the team.

    Call of Duty is also perfect for newbies as it allows the game to fire for the player when aimed at the enemy. This certainly increases the comfortability for the rookies and also helps them to stay longer in the game.


    In terms of graphics, COD has the upper hand. With lesser file size it manages to have excellent graphics over PUBG. The details of the costume of the player can be seen comfortably. For example, its stitches, pockets have more depth than PUBG.

    It has been a long time that any game has challenged PUBG. But it seems now that the perfect game has arrived.