R.I.P Bernie McGee, Seeking Sister Wives Star Passes Away at “41”, Wife Reveals


    At the age of 41, Bernie McGee is no More. He was a Gentleman with a kind heart and a star from the Show “Seeking Sister Wives.”

    Bernie Mcgee

    On Saturday, it turned out that Bernie McGee of Seeking Sister Wife passed away. This comes as an astonishment to the majority of the fans. Up until now, there are very few posts about it. However, his better half (WIFE) Paige McGee confirmed the news.

    The admin of a Seeking Sister Wife Group on Facebook imparted the news to everybody.

    The post in the gathering stated, “That simply confirmed it with a dismal and overwhelming heart Bernie McGee, Paige ‘s love of her life, passed away.”

    Late this evening, somebody posted in Facebook Group that gave the information to Seeking Sister Wife that “Bernie has passed away.” The individual says she was sharing the data on Bernie McGee’s stunning demise with Paige McGee’s authorization.

    People Broking Down on Twitter about Bernie Mcgee 🙁 

    The individual stated, “We simply left the emergency clinic, and she is going home.” They included, “His mom isn’t taking care of this well. Paige isn’t either”.

    At that point, the Seeking Sister Wife notice requested everybody to keep them “in your hearts and prayers” and asked that individuals give Paige  “time to be with her family, friends, and children” and do not anticipate that reactions should messages.

    By the time Paige McGee got there, she had sawed “EMTs were working on him, but I could already tell.” Paige said she was told, “he had a heat stroke/heart attack.” Then she asked people to be patient with her and said she’d respond when she can.