Rachael High Cook and Daniel Gillies Divorce! All your answers to your Questions!


    The news of Rachael High Cook and Daniel Gillies divorce left the fans in mix emotions. The story of their splitting up came this Thursday, where they took the help of Instagram to announce the news. It was a 15 years long marriage in which they seemed inseparable! But we never know what will happen in the future.

    About Rachael High Cook and Daniel Gillies
    Rachael is an American actress, model, producer born in the year 1979 best known for her role in She’s All That and Into The West in television. Daniel is a New Zealand Actor born in the year 1976 popularly known for his role as Elijah Michaelson on Vampire Diaries he is screenwriter and producer too!
    They first met in 2003. In one the interview Rachael said that they met at a bar and that’s where everything started. In a year or so, they fell in love and got married in no time. With time they became couple goals for their endless love which never stayed away from media. In 2015 and 2017 they had one daughter and one son namely Charlotte Easton and Theodore Vigo Sullivan. They are leading to one small happy family.

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    Though everything seemed merry maybe inside it wasn’t so! Rachael and Daniel state their idea of splitting up as a mutual and discussed decision. They both acknowledged the love they received over the years and expect the same in future too. However, the announcement is very recent, and in the coming days, we will come to everything about the kid’s custody and all. Their Instagram post said that the decision, of course, didn’t come lightly on either of them and whatever they decided was for everyone’s good, and they hope people understand and respect the same. We as fans surely hope their good and with them luck and blessings in their difficult time too.

    Image credits:  Instagram and Google images>  Google news