Rapper Slim 400 Is in Stable Condition, But Why Hip Hop Community Should Worry About The Incident?


    Rapper Slim 400 who first found the fame after his January 2015 album Foe Block and the single “I Think They Lovin That” is fortunately stable now. He was wounded with the 10 gunshots that he received in his back and face on Friday night. The rapper was admitted to the Los Angeles hospital when the law enforcement officials get to know about an individual being shot at around 8:30 PM in Compton. The man later turned out to be Slim 400.

    Slim 400, Image Credit: TMZ
    Slim 400, Image Credit: TMZ

    The good news was brought to us recently by the columnist Jay-Ticker on Twitter. He notified that the rapper is out from the surgery and his condition is stable. This obviously will give relief to many who were worried after the news of Slim 400 being shot. The appeasing tweet was “Update on Slim 400: Slim has pulled out of surgery and is in stable condition per the rapper/entrepreneur’s publicist. The Compton native shotted 10 times nearly 5 hours ago in his hometown of Compton, CA.”

    Why Was He Shot?

    TMZ which notified about the shooting incident also stated that the reason behind the attempt is still unknown. Though, police officials reported to TMZ that a black vehicle that was leaving the scene after the incident is suspected for its involvement in the crime.

    The Incident

    We got to know that he suffered injuries at the back side and on his face. It was unveiled by Adam22, the No Jumper star by a Tweet that he was brutally shot 10 times. His Tweet reads as “Slim 400 got shot 10 times and is currently in the hospital. Pray for him.”

    Where Slim 400 exactly suffered the injuries was also not known before Adam 400 shared screenshot of a chat between him and an unidentified person on his Twitter account. In the chat, a message reads as “He in surgery face & back bullets went in &out.” It was also informed that he was hospitalized at St. Francis Medical Center.

    The 31-year-old rapper was in collaboration with YG and Mitchy Slick and was in his fans’ prayers when the reports of him getting hospitalized surfaced. Mainly his followers recognize him with his 2017 appearance on YG’s “Brusin” cut featuring Sad Boy Loko.

    It Not First For Rappers

    The attempt that was made to kill Slim 400 should be, and I think it is a matter of grave concern for the Hip hop community. As the shooting incident came after around three months of Nipsey Hussle’s murder. The rapper was shot dead in front of his Marathon Clothing Store in South Los Angeles. With this, it should also hit the Los Angeles community as a whole as this is something that can hurt many in the recent future.