Reason Behind Tommy Lee Giving all the praises for his wife


    Thomas Lee Bass, who is popularly known as Tommy Lee, is a 56-year-old American musician and the founder of band Mötley Crue. Tommy Lee is a famous drummer. Moreover, he founded of a Rap battle band named Methods of Mayhem. Tommy Lee was married and divorced thrice and now is happily married to 32 years Brittany Furlan which happens to his fourth wife.

    Tommy Lee was never shy to show love for his wife then girlfriend to social media. Recently Tommy Lee posted a picture of his wife Brittany enjoying in private casa tau estate at Mexico. I the movie we see Brittany in a lovely two pieced purple bikini with a caption “ She is gonna kill me for posting this but look at this 100 ℅ natural beauty” to which Brittany replied, “ OMG my face.” The post got lots of comments like “oh so cute,” and others merely appreciating their romance on Instagram.
    Though it’s not the first time, Tommy Lee posted her picture before, too, praising her with love.


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    She gonna kill me for posting this but look at this 100% natural body ?

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    Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan were married recently in February this year, on which She posted a picture of them taking vows with a caption “Mr. and Mrs. Lee wuhooo” Their dating rumors had been making rounds since 2017 when they were seen together. Both seem a happy couple and are always seen praising each other. Brittany is an American internet sensation she was in the limelight of news for a long time due to her vines. According to Brittany, before they both fell in love, they used to follow each other work on social media and there where the friendship emerged. Hopefully, we will see more of such love, praise post of both of them and wish them a blissful life together.