Rebellion To Announce New Game Directly at the E3 Event 2019


    This year E3 event will be an absolute delight for the video game enthusiasts. This event allows the developers to present their new products in front of the world. For a video game lover, this event is not less than any occasion wherein they get a glimpse of new game launches.  The event is likely to gain all the attention with the exhibition of several new video games.

    One of the most promising game developer company, Rebellion Development Limited is all set to take part in the upcoming event. With the event around the corner, Rebellion revealed their project details for E3 2019 through a tweet. This tweet instantly got famous because of the hidden surprise element.

    While the game developers were very clear about their first two projects, they did not disclose anything about the third one, which is undoubtedly a significant project. The developers are likely to unfold this new video game directly on the event. This tweet completely surprised the gaming world and increased the excitement among the video game lovers.


    Alongside this unannounced title, the developers will showcase Evil Genius 2 and Sniper Elite VR. The Evil Genius 2 was first revealed in June 2017, and now the team will show the world domination sim to press for the first time at E3 2019. The press will also see the Snipper Elite VR for the first time.

    Amongst all announcements, the new game is the most discussed topic in the town. In this era where the audience is addicted to video games, this kind of report will gain a lot of attention. Moreover, this can be a  great marketing strategy used by the developers to engage the audience. Hopefully, this game will be worth waiting for which would be a complete package for video game players.

    Stay tuned for more updates!!!!