Red Light, Green Light – Elementary Season 7 Episode 4


    Stop! Go ahead and read about CBS series Elementary that aired the new episode on 13th June 2019.


    In the new episode named ‘Red Light, Green Light,’ an explosion takes place at the traffic stop which puts Holmes and Watson baffled. The two try to find out who is behind the attack: gang or terrorist. According to CBS synopsis, “Also, Holmes and Watson suspect there is more for them to discover regarding the recent attack on someone within their inner circle.”


    Sherlock has a dream of he being at the funeral of Gregson. Just after the new captain consoles him, a clown kills him, and this leaves him wide awake. Now Sherlock visits Gregson. He starts to apologize to Sherlock—who believes the past is over and wants to move ahead.

    Later at night, three women witness a crash. One of the women rushes to give a hand, and the truck blows up. It looks as if some bomb was the culprit. Marcus and Joan find Sherlock looking at the victim. He thinks the cause as a rivalry between two gangs, specifically the infamous Mara Tres. Sherlock goes out. He is going to meet one of the Mara members he knows, named Danny. Danny doesn’t want to get involved, and he says he is out of that life for two years now. Danny, however, tells Sherlock that the driver of the truck was skimming fuel to sell it.

    When later they interrogate the truck driver, he tells them he has no idea what was inside the truck. Marcus talks to the owner of the cargo; he realizes his son in law is a member of the gang Mara Tres.
    Danny has news, he calls. Sherlock gets the information that one of the members of the Mara Tres is gunned downed because one of them got killed in the crash.

    The episode ends with the victim’s father in law confessing of having a mole in the elevator company and that he was the mastermind who set the entire scene up.


    Yes, it’s confirmed Odin Reichenbach will appear in episode 5. It has been speculated that his role will be to manipulate the partners: Sherlock and Watson. He will be seen driving them apart. The episode is titled as ‘Into The Woods’ and is set to be on air on June 20.