Relationship Status of Zendaya and Tom Holland, Latest News


    The youngest Spiderman yet has been spotted with his co-star, Zendaya, before the release of Spiderman – Homecoming. From that time till now, they have remained close, and fans are at unrest to know about their relationship status.

    They both were spotted in the blockbuster movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe named Spiderman-Homecoming. The film did not provide much screen time for each of the actors to share the screen. But there was definitely a spark whenever they shared the screen. Fans saw budding romance between Tom Holland (Spiderman) and Zendaya (Michelle) which was mostly from her side.

    Relationship Status of Zendaya and Tom Holland, Latest News

    As the selection of cast for Spiderman was in progress, Zendaya was unsure about her role as she is slightly taller than Tom Holland. Fortunately, she bagged the position despite the issue. After both were confirmed as the cast of Spider-Man, they soon began taking an interest in each other.

    They replied to each other in their Instagram posts. Such of these incidents were first sighted in July 2016 when Tom Holland posted a photograph on Instagram with each other. In the photo, they were chilling in a swimming pool, which the web-slinger captioned “Summer Sunday’s.”

    Zendaya and Tom Holland

    In November of the same year, both were spotted together in the cover page of Hollywood Reporter. In the cover, it was written, “Amidst all the chaos and sadness…this one good thing did happen to me today. Honored to share it with the very best…Spider-Man himself.”

    Soon they started to spend much more time and started to go in the function with each other. They came together in the Oscars. Both were complemented and wished in their birthdays. Even Tom Holland was present in her private birthday party. On the part of Zendaya, she went with Spidey to a hospital to cheer up the kids admitted there.

    How close they are to each other is not specified yet. It looks like despite being high profile, they have still kept it a secret about their relationship status. They are best friends or lover, only time will tell.