Return of Robert Downey Jr. Who will be the next iron man in MCU phase 4, Morgan stark and Peter Parker aka Spiderman


    Now Avengers Endgame has been a month or more since its release, but still, we can’t stop talking about. We hope now everyone has watched the culmination of Infinity Saga; spoiler wouldn’t be any pain in your ass. But if you haven’t then what on earth you are doing, boy?

    Avengers Endgame provided the impeccable movie-going experience with breathtaking storylines and visuals. But we are left heartbroken when we saw our beloved superhero dying. The man who started it all had a sacrifice to save the universe is a great thing to hear in a movie, but seeing him dying is not what we wish.

    Though, Infinity Saga culminated and Iron Man died, but what next to this iconic character. Will Robert Downey Jr. return? Yes, Robert made this franchise to this level, and he is without a doubt the MVP of the saga. But the chances of his return is very less. The end for his character was justifiable and prestigious in some kind. If we are going to see Iron Man in action, then it’s evident that we wouldn’t see Robert or any replacement of Tony Stark, but with the comic book narrative, there are chances of young characters to don the metal Armour.

    So chances of Robert’s return is much less than who could helm the armor suit. In the present context of the cinematic universe, we could think of one name who could be the Iron Man, and the name is Peter Parker. Through the cinematic universe, Peter Parker has blended much in the relationship with Iron Man. And in the recent Spider-Man Far From Home trailer almost certainly implies on the phrase of who would be next Iron Man. The whole trailer even depicts Peter himself thinking the world needs the next Iron Man. But not to forget, Spider-Man in itself is another significant character that is loved by million superhero fans.

    It’s a long way to see another team-up movie from the cinematic universe, but we could possibly get a standalone film of the Iron Man. This next Iron Man film probably won’t feature Robert as Iron Man or could it be by introducing the Artificial Intelligence version of Tony Stark. It’s not impossible for a genius like Stark to do so given that he prepared a total human-like AI likes J.A.R.V.I.S. and Ultron. But again, it is not inevitable.

    The next character who could become Iron Man is Agent Rhodes. In comics too, War Machine takes the Iron Man suit and stand against evil. Through all these years he has pretty good experience in the suit. Featuring Morgan Stark in Endgame and her inherited sort of interest in machine, garages, and armors possibly indicate she would continue the legacy of her father.

    Well, after all, it is Marvel Studios who eventually will work things out either in our thinking way or not. Now, We just have to hold back and wait for another masterpiece to hit.