Return of the “Fantastic Four”, Can MCU Plan for Reboot in 2020?


    The roller coaster ride is finally over, and Marvel has completed its Infinity Saga- which saw the culmination of 22 superhero flicks into one tight universe.

    So, is this the end? Marvel says no.

    In a decade of story-telling, huge box office collections, and unlimited bragging rights, Marvel introduced to us one of the most epic cinematic events in history. Marvel Studios, without a doubt, have accomplished something no other franchise has ever done or ever will again. So, of course, the first question that fans want to know is, what will come next? The conclusion of Avengers: endgame might officially close the book on super-heroes like Iron Man and Captain America, but other characters might pop up in different franchises.

    What this means for the First Family aka the Fantastic Four

    Marvel has already announced eight films for Phase 4 but has not offered any titles yet. We already know that Black Widow will probably be the first new MCU film to hit cinemas in early May next year as the film is currently shooting over in Europe.

    A new rumor now suggests that Peyton Reed, the director of Ant-man, might be interested in directing a Fantastic Four movie. According to GWW, sources say that Reed has already pitched his vision for the movie to Kevin Feige multiple times. It is also reported that Reed mentioned his interest in creating a 60’s setting for the new Fantastic Four movie even when Fox owned the rights.

    Even if you look at it purely from a business perspective, Disney’s purchase of Fox has given Marvel access to these characters. Kevin Feige has already assured us that we might be looking at the X-men joining the MCU so there is ample evidence that Fantastic Four might follow the lead. There are so many parallels between team Avengers and the Fantastic Four that the possibility of a reboot is not lost on the fans, but one thing for sure is that it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    So here we are. Are you eager to see the Fantastic Four work in tandem with the Avengers to fight Galactus: The devourer of worlds and the only one who can give Thanos a run for his money? Stay tuned for more updates on MCU’s Phase Four as they roll in.