Reveal the unspoken feelings on this Father’s Day


    Fathers always have a special place in there child’s heart. A Happy Fathers Day to all fathers, No matter how indifferent their opinion may be, a child always looks up to the father for anything and everything in their life.

    Father's Day Celebration

    Well, there is a story I want to share, which made me feel how lucky I am to have my dad in my life. So, the other day, one of my colleague got some sweets and cake at the office, and on asking her what the occasion was, she told us that it was her father’s Birthday. Well, that was a kind gesture which we can typically see; however, her situation was different. Her father was not with her. He left this world long ago but regardless of this situation, she celebrated her father’s Birthday with her friend and family every year.

    We take so many things for granted because dad will be going to take care of it and there is nothing in this life father doesn’t have a solution for. He will figure out the way to find a solution for their child and always encourage you to do better in their life. Be it the time when you first start walking, be it when you graduated or be it we your got your 1st job or be it when you made a big name for yourself, it’s your dad how always had a back of you, an Unspoken support which never lets you alone at any time of your life.

    Well, that’s the irony of life. When you lost something relay precious in your life, you tend to miss their presence and guidance, and on this father’s day, I thank all dads in this world who are doing a great job in making this child a better version of themselves each day. Whether they are present in your life or not there support is always there.