Ring of Elysium Vs PUBG; A Showdown Battle And It Looks Like ROE Wins? The Complete Breakdown


    If you’re into online gaming, you’re pretty likely to have found the new PC royale shooter game Ring of Elysium. And if you’re immediately drawn to it, you’re not alone. It looks like ROE could be giving PUBG a run for its money. And here’s why.

    Who Can Turn Down Free?

    That’s right! ROE is completely free, which is super tempting. Even though it’s region locked in certain areas, people can always find a way around that and enjoy playing for nothing as opposed to paying for PUBG.

    The Battle of Battleroyale

    The battleground is where the real battle starts. A significant advantage that ROE has over PUBG is that it has just 60-player battles instead of 100-player ones. This means less waiting time waiting for games to fill up. It also means fewer opponents in the game. With a ground of roughly the same size, that means it takes a bit longer to find them. But more adrenaline and longer games—we’re not complaining.


    The Effects: Realistic as Realistic Goes

    You don’t parachute down to the ground in ROE. Nope, you get to hand glide. With a much more real-feeling experience. And then there are the weather effects. PUBG did try to run those previously but later removed them, likely due to glitches. But ROE has fog, rain and the like as well as day and night alterations. Talk about games coming to life!

    Get Temporary Stuff

    You don’t have to work your way up to permanent clothing unlocks like with PUBG, in ROE. You can get your character shiny new clothes temporarily; just rent them out! 3 day, 7 day and 30-day temporary options are available and a massive advantage for ROE.

    Not All Perfect

    Sounds too good to be true? Maybe that’s because it is. ROE does have one catch to go with all its benefits. There’s no first-person mode. 

    You could give up your first-person playing experience, though, without a significant change. If you’re looking for some fresh air: a free game with cool graphics and intense battle- Ring of Elysium is the game for you!