Riverdale Season 4: Cast, Release Date & Everything you need to know


    The season 3 of Riverdale is over by wrapping up some stories and with the entrances of some stories and the CW has confirmed that it’s Riverdale season 4 will be released soon and it will be based upon those new entered stories.

    Credit: IMBd

    As we know that Riverdale Season 3 has come to an end and now it is confirmed that it is renewed for season fourth by the CW.

    Wyatt Nash who did his Riverdale debut in season 3 will play the same character again in season 4. He played the role of Charles. In season 3 he was an FBI agent who was looking into Edgar Evernever and the Farm.

    And for now, it is unclear, who other characters will return in Riverdale season 4 or whether Evelyn, Alice and Penelope and more will return in the next season or not.

    It is confirmed that Josie won’t be in the season 4 as he has officially headed off to the New York.

    The timeline for the fourth season has not been announced yet but from the timeline of 3 seasons, we can expect it to be released in October 2019. And it will be in its normal time slot i.e Wednesday at 8 pm.

    Cast & creators panel at SDCC 2017

    The season 3 has left many questions unanswered so we can say that its fourth season will be based on those questions. It is predicted that Molly Ringwald will again turn up as Archie’s mom Mary will have a bigger role in season 4 as to take care of Archie.

    Josie and Archie love story will come to an end as Josie will not be in season 4.
    Veronica, Archie, and Bughead will again come together as they were in the finale of season 3.
    In the next Season, it will be their last year in High School. In season 4 Luke Perry’s death and Fred Andrew’s fate will be addressed.