‘Riverdale’ Season 4 on Netflix: Know more about its release date and cast!


    With season 3 just having finished, Netflix and The CW have already announced the renewal of series for its fourth season likely containing 22 episodes full of thrill and excitement that the previous seasons didn’t fail to deliver.

    Based on the characters of the known Archie Comics, Riverdale Season 1 released in 2017 was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and was labeled as ‘addictive’. Following its success, it quickly proceeded with the release of Season 2 in the same year and the third installment followed in 2018.

    The popular American teen drama has been very successful in gaining viewership and fans owing to the intricately decided to plot promising suspense and thrill every single time. The complexity has been defined in each season and makes it very easy for the viewers to keep track of all the strange happenings and their interconnection in the episodes.

    Though sometimes the hour length of the episodes seem stretching according to some reviews but worth it at the end.

    Season 4: Release Date

    Though it has not been finalized and announced yet, the series still being in the production phase, but it is expected to release sometime in September or October according to some sources and reports.

    If the trend of the season premiering continues, it’s likely that all the favorite characters will return soon to the streaming devices.

    Changes in the cast? 

    Luke Perry, who played Fred Andrews, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 52 suffering a stroke. His character will not be returning and Netflix has decided to contribute all the episodes of Season 4 in his memory.

    Also, Deadline has confirmed that Wyatt Nash, who made his Riverdale debut in the season three finale, will be returning as a recurring character in season 4.

    So in a nutshell, we suggest keeping your eyes and ears open as it is expected from Netflix to announce soon about our favorite teen drama show soon!