Riverdale’s Hart Denton to make appearance in 13 Reasons Why Season 3

    Speculation remains rife about the upcoming season three of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, and a few conscientious fans might’ve just unearthed a major reveal about the summer’s most anticipated show.

    Upon a cursory glance at the season three’s IMDB page, Reddit user deancest noted a finding that would suggest a special appearance from none other than Riverdale’s Hart Denton in the upcoming series.

    On the listing can be found a stuntman named Dalton Rondell credited as being Denton’s stunt double alongside the likes of Dylan Minnette and Brandon Flynn’s stunt stand-ins.

    Credit: CW

    Of course, the validity of IMDB is hardly set in stone. While an accurate database for aggregating information about released films and shows from the panoply of sources all over the internet, the website doesn’t have the most credibility when it comes to pooling details about works yet in production, having fallen prey to false rumors a few times over its nearly three-decade history.

    But, the fan theories don’t just stop there. Dedicated viewers have also noted that Denton was spotted hanging out with the lead cast of the 13 Reasons Why ensemble by the paparazzi at the start of this year, which could possibly be due to his involvement for season three, as shooting for the latter half of the series was scheduled for around this time period.

    Credit: Netflix

    Nonetheless, Denton’s rumored involvement, as with everything else about season three, remains hopeful conjecture. Netflix have kept a tight lid on absolutely any details about the highly-anticipated drama’s third outing, with there is little reason to believe this will change anytime soon given that its release has been speculated to be just around the corner, and that long-term fans of the show require little incentive in the form of details to remain on-board.

    The first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why can be streamed on Netflix.