Rob Kardashian announces he’s back at the gym via Twitter


    Rob Kardashian announced on Twitter that he’s back in the gym via Twitter. He seems to have a new motivator that’s encouraging him.

    The Kardashian brother has been sending flirtatious texts directed at Natti Natasha. Rob has been seeing retweeting her music and leaving heart eyed emojis and hearts under her pictures on Twitter, and she has been reciprocating. His sisters think she’s a good choice for their brother. They are encouraging him to find love after his failed relationship with Blac Chyna.


    Image result for natti natashaKhloe Kardashian called him out on Twitter asking for an explanation of what was going on. The sisters know she has a career and has her life set for her, which could be a positive influence for the reality star.While the Kardashian sisters are encouraging him to pursue a relationship with the Dominican singer, Rob seems to have other plans.

    Evelyn Lozada and Rob Kardashian posted extremely dirty tweets and then deleted them. The double innuendo is quite clear and we’re not sure if it was meant to be flirtatious or just an inside joke between the two. The Basketball Wives star has since deleted the tweet and has not commented on the situation.

    Rob Evelyn Tweet

    This tweet isn’t the only controversy he is involved in. He recently asked his lawyer to inform Blac Chyna that she cannot feature their child, Dream, in her new reality show. Blac Chyna fired back a response on Twitter stating that Rob couldn’t say it himself to ‘the mother of his child.’ She called out the Kardashians on their hypocrisy and stated that she as Executive Producer she has control over the content and it could’ve been discussed. Rob has not yet responded to it.

    Amidst the controversy, Rob Kardashian recently launched his collection for his new clothing line ‘Halfway Dead’ with the help of his sister, Kylie Jenner, who even modeled for the brand. The new collection is available on his website.

    If Rob Kardashian is really back with a strong fitness regimen, then we might just see the Rob Kardashian from the first few seasons of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. We’ll just have to wait and see.