Rockstar leaks unexpected GTA 6 news: Can it surpass the success of GTA 5


    The action-adventure video game, Grand Theft Auto( GTA) is to be back soon with their sixth edition.

    Grand Theft Auto ( GTA) was first released way back in 1997. The latest series of GTA, being GTA 5, was released in 2013.


    The game focuses on a protagonist who tries to rise in rank in the underworld. He can choose to complete his missions or engage in activities like racing, third-person shooting, etc. The series consists of violence and some adult contents.


    We can expect a few features very much similar to the ones in previous GTA 5. Switching from the first person to third person and use of better weapons.
    GTA 6 will also give us several options to choose from, like role-playing, clubbing, etc.
    Also, there will be better graphics and VFX.


    A female protagonist is likely to make her appearance this time in the upcoming GTA 6 along with a male protagonist.


    The map is an essential part of GTA. This time, GTA 6 will have a plan which will be larger than the previous ones. The location will focus on the unknown arid regions of South America.

    Release Date of GTA 6

    GTA 6 is likely due for release at the end of next year. After seven years of the version of GTA, 5 fans are quite enthusiastic with high hopes about the upcoming GTA 6. Some news and the trailer is expected very soon.