Rockstar Teases Red Dead Redemption 2 PC for 2019 & GTA 6 for 2020


    The universally acclaimed video-game named Red Dead Redemption 2 Online has been fascinated with few updates that will aid gamers to collect bonuses. This new update is marked by the challenge of Wild Animal Kills Event. This new update enables gamers to set themselves against other sportsmen. This can be done without the trolling factor. Also, there is some good surprise for new users. If they complete their first mission, they are enriched with RDO$50 bonuses and for finishing Kill Them, RDO$75 will go on their wallet.

    Rockstar Teases Red Dead Redemption 2 PC for 2019 & GTA 6 for 2020

    Red Dead Redemption 2 PC is another most rumoured thing to look for. E3 2019 is at the door and it may be the perfect platform for Rockstar Games to announce the upcoming plans. But this is Rockstar Games and you never know it. Many fans and sources believe that Rockstar Games will sooner or later announce the PC port for RDR2. During this timeframe, there might be the announcement of big possible Summer DLC Expansion. There’s no response from the creators themselves yet. We just have to hang with the rumours and expect big to happen.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on PS4 or Xbox One only. And when the game is now a widespread phenomenon, numbers of players want to play on PC. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed anything but few Redditors are always on the hunt to crack something strange. A Reddit user found a Physics Programmer’s LinkedIn with a potential hint. This programmer working at Rockstar lists Red Dead Redemption 2 – PS4/XBox1/PC. If this is true then everyone with PC will be happy to finally explore the Western World.

    If this leak is true then RG will obviously grab more numbers of accolades. Gaining awards would be a no-brainer for RG looking back the whopping 17 awards in just a year.

     GTA 6 Latest Rumors

    There’s not only Red Dead Redemption 2 that fans are hyped about. The rumours of GTA 6 being released in 2020 has created huge excitement for the gaming fans all around. Recently the release of short video created using Ray Technology has provoked the hype for the game.

    Rockstar Teases Red Dead Redemption 2 PC for 2019 & GTA 6 for 2020

    Sony and Rockstar Games always has been close and looks like GTA 6 will be launched on the latest PlayStation 5. The thing is that PS5 has already Ray-Tracing Technology. E3 2019 begins from June 11 and people hope that Rockstar will hint something on the Expo but chances are less looking back the Rockstar involvement in such Expo. GTA 5 has been loved by millions and the creators will obviously apply some great changes regarding the gameplay and locations. We have been hit with few rumours about the GTA 6. Some believe the story revolves around acting onto frivolous crimes and drug business. GTA 6 will introduce wider geography or composting all the previous locations like Vice City, Liberty City and Los Santos.

    The official announcement hasn’t been made as Rockstar is having its successful run in other franchise. So probably looking at the marketplace, it will take spacious time-frame to play GTA 6.