Why Rockstar’s GTA 6 Release Date Delay is a big wait for the fans of 2019


    GTA is an adventurous video game series created by David Jones and Mike Daily. It was released on 21 October 1997.  Most of the games in the series are set on local models of the cities like San Andreas, Liberty City or Vice City. The last part of the series was released on 17 September 2013.

    GTA 5 was a big hit in the world of games and VFX. Likewise, all the earlier parts of this video game series were totally loved and celebrated to the farthest way possible. Though it was critically acclaimed but commercially successful. They made big business in the town entertaining their fans and building excitement for GTA 6.

    gta 6 release date

     No doubt GTA 6 is a big wait for the fans. Also, there’s no stopping to all the predictions, assumptions that are happening on the internet. While the official date isn’t announced yet fans are still hoping that we get some new news about GTA 6 sometime soon. It’s said that there’s a possibility of GTA 6 releasing in 2020 according to the rumours.
    There are some rumours saying GTA 6 will take place in two major locations. There’s a grand construction going on with GTA 6 hoping it’ll be a massive hit leaving all the games behind.
    The entire series had absorbed a huge amount of fans in their zone always surprising them with great adventures and fun. The question is, what winning formula the creators will use for GTA 6 !? What new exciting adventures will be served to their fans?
    No matter what the GTA 6 ends up delivering to us, we will still gather all our rumors and suggestions and keep waiting for them to release the official date soon.