Rumor Alert- Is Angelia Jolie dating Keanu Reeves Dating? New Couple on the Block V


    Hold your breath, to hear about this exciting news. Rumor is all around that Keanu Reeves is dating Angelina Jolie. Is it true? Let’s find out.

    Where it All Started

    Well, speculations have been all around regarding this new couple’s budding romance and bond. The rumor started to spread more when Angelina Jolie moved to Los Angeles in a new neighborhood. And, guess who lives there? None but Keanu’s mother Patricia who already lived there.

    A reliable source once stated that Angelina Jolie had asked Keanu Reeves out. The two gorgeous celebrities met in 2017 and developed a bond of friendship immediately. The source also noted that Jolie took the help of her friend to ask Reeves out which will also include an intimate dinner at her place.

    The Charm Factor

    After her husband Brad Pitt, with whom she split up three years ago Keanu Reeves is the only man who has caught the attention of Jolie. She is too charmed by Reeves. Also, Reeves is close to his mom and visits her all the time. A perfect chance to take the romance ahead. Isn’t it? Sources all over are claiming that. Reeves met Angelina like that.

    Are They Just Friends?

    The beautiful Jolie and the Bill and Ted Face the Music starer Keanu Reeves share a lot in common. From their very first meeting, it was well understood that the attraction was there. The duo surely has something more going on than just friendship. What do you think?

    Family Bonding

    The two stars are constantly leaving their pondering about the current state of the relationship between them. In the meantime, Keanu seems to have already met Angelina’s six children Pax, Zahara, Maddox, Vivienne, Shiloh, and Knox. According to reports, the children gelled up quite well with Reeves. Way to go man!

    On the other hand, Keanu’s mother seems to be happy and content with the fact that her son, who is 54 years old, is finally going to settle and have a family. The rumor of her son and Angelina Jolie together in a relationship is keeping her excited as well just like the fans. We heart you, Patricia.