Rumor: The Last of Us Part 2 release date delayed, Naughty Dog Says, Expected release date & More


    The Last of Us Part 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game of 2013, of the same name – The Last of Us. It was first announced in 2016 at Play Station Experience but is still under development.

    This much-awaited game was first announced at PlayStation Experience by Naughty Dog in 2016. With the announcement, a teaser trailer was also released. It has been almost 3 years but a confirmed release date is yet to be declared by its publisher.

    Last year Naughty Dog also released a 10-minute Gameplay trailer at the E3 2018 which showcased an early demo of how The Last of Us Part 2 will look when it is released.

    A short while ago, the lovers of this game could swear that it will release this year. But it is not the case anymore. The Last of Us Part 2 has been postponed to early 2020.

    Jason Scheier, a game journalist tweeted that the game was to be released in 2019 but it has been postponed to 2020. He wrote “The Last of Us 2 was also planned for fall 2019 but I actually just heard it got bumped to early 2020, possibly February? Either way, wild final year for PS4.” The game journalist did not reveal the sensitive information that why the game was postponed.

    Till now the updated trailer which we have for the Last of Us Part 2 is of E3, 2018. The fans are demanding for more and have been constantly disappointed by the procrastination of the release date.

    The first game of the series which was released in 2013 was loved by the players as well as the critics. It was quite engaging with a fantastic backstory. It was certainly held as a masterpiece. Now the players are hungry for more. We hope that a confirmed date of release is announced to ease the restlessness of the players.

    Earlier it was being rumoured that Naughty Dog is going to come out with more gameplay footage and a release date for The Last of Us Part 2 because last year they came out with the Gameplay Trailer. But now with this new development, we are not sure whether the game will be released this year or not.