Rumors: Adam Warlock Will Be Played By Keanu Reeves? True or not


    Not one but with five light post-credit scenes, filled with breezy inside jokes, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 marks its ending. One of which includes the introduction of Adam Warlock.

    As expected, the disruptive Guardians spent the Vol. 2 entirely doing precisely what they always have been doing, ticking off the maximum number of people possible while managing to save the day.

    Rumors: Adam Warlock Will Be Played By Keanu Reeves? True or not

    But the main gold-plated leader of the Sovereign, Ayesha, vows to have her revenge from Peter Quill and company. While unveiling her ultimate weapon, she says, ” I think I will call him Adam.”

    The comic book experts were indeed aware of what Ayesha meant by Adam and her ultimate weapon. It was no secret that the director James Gunn has originally intended to add Adam Warlock in the later segments.

    Keanu Reeves to Play Adam Warlock?

    After John Wick, Keanu Reeves is one of the hot topics going on in the internet. He is so liked by everyone that people are wishing that Keanu Reeves joins Marvel. Rumors on the internet say that Keanu Reeves might play the role of Adam Warlock.

    This rumor is true. Earlier, the rumors of Zac Efron taking the role of Warlock were going around. However, if he was going to play as the man in the Golden Cocoon, he has been replaced.

    Rumors: Adam Warlock Will Be Played By Keanu Reeves? True or not

    Folks! Hold your seats tight because Keanu Reeves is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    More about Adam Warlock:

    Adam Warlock made his way into the background of Guardians film with his famously weird-looking cocoon from the Easter egg–filled scene. Eventually, that cocoon got a much fancier, gold-encrusted update in Vol. 2.

    In the unbelievable world of comics, Adam Warlock is a super-being who is robust, fast, and durable. He can fly while wearing that red bathing suit. He is functionally immortal as he can continuously heal himself inside that weird looking cocoon.

    This super fantastic character Adam Warlock, who’s related to both Guardians and Marvel, is ready to get a much fresher appearance in Vol. 3.