Rumors: Ubisoft might reveal Watch Dogs 3 at E3 2019


    Watch Dogs is a third person perceptive video game launched by Ubisoft. It is launched on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on May 27 2014. It is based on a fictionalised open-world version of Chicago and follows the story of a hacker who avenges the death of his niece. It is a single player game although the online multiplayer game allows 8 players to play simultaneously.

    And the upcoming you guys might be wondering after launching two successful games in the Watch Dogs franchise what is Ubisoft planning on doing next. Well, we do not have much information about Watch Dogs 3 but according to leaks and rumors, we do know that upcoming Watch Dogs 3 is supposed to be based in the city of London.

    Rumors: Ubisoft might reveal Watch Dogs 3 at E3 2019

    Background on Watch Dogs 1

    The story follows the lead of a single hacker named Aiden Pearce. The developers of the game conducted a field survey and used local regional language for conversation in regional language for making the game authentic. Hacker Aiden Pearce and his friend Damien Brenks conduct an electronic heist in a bank and trigger an alarm set by another hacker. Brenks tries to find the hacker and gives himself and Pearce away. He plans a surprise trip and gets hit by Maurice Vega. He goes into Coma because of the shot. 11 months later he wakes up and tries to track down Vega. Meanwhile, Brenks asks Pearce to track down another hacker which Pearce denies to comply. Brenks then tries to harm his sister which makes Pearce to listen to Brenks. The story then follows a complicated path of finding data and solving them. There are appearances of many supporting characters and enemies.

    Rumors: Ubisoft might reveal Watch Dogs 3 at E3 2019

    When is Watch Dogs 3 coming?

    In June 2013, it was hinted that Ubisoft was planning on a movie adaptation based on this game. A sequel titled Watch Dogs 2 was released in 2016. Watch Doga 3 was supposed to released somewhere in 2018 according to the leaks but we haven’t received any official Statement and indicators by the makers. Whatever the intent and reason behind this long hold may be, the user has eyes glued to every information and leads about the Watch Dog series making it one of the most demanded gaming series in the town.

    So with all this information, we could surely expect Ubisoft to give us more information about Watch Dogs 3. Or we might get lucky and Ubisoft could release a trailer and a demo for Watch Dogs 3. But we could only find that out at E3 2019.