Russo brothers confirms Fantastic Four & X Men coming in MCU Phase 4


    Inevitably, the mutants of the X-men along with Wolverine and Fantastic Four are going to make a way to Marvel cinematic universe now that Disney has officially taken back the right from Fox. And after this Happened The Russo brothers are more interested to bring new wolverine on the big screen

    Joe and Anthony Russo the director of a world highest grossing movie Avengers Endgame were asked in an interview after when the marvel studios get the right of X-Men and fantastic four back that which is the characters from the fox that they recently owned they would they choose to bring on the big screen. And the Anthony Russo replied the statement that every MCU fan want to hear he said:

    “I mean, we’ve always been huge fans of Wolverine. We certainly haven’t been thinking about if and when and how we would ever go there, but just off the top of my head, that’s a character we’ve always been passionate about.”

    Russo brothers confirms Fantastic Four & X Men coming in MCU Phase 4
    Credit: Marvel Comics

    Wolverine is one the best character from the X-Men a movie of Fox studio. Wolverine had never failed to make an impact on the fan’s hearts. Hugh Jackman played the iconic role of a wolverine on the bug screen for more than 17 years. And officially declared his retirement with the 2017 Logan.

    So there is no hope of seeing Jackman again fighting as Wolverine again. So this is clear that we are going to see a new actor portraying the iconic role of Wolverine and we don’t think that non-other than the Russo brothers are able to make this happen

    The Marvel comic shows the longtime allies between the Marvel characters and the X-Men characters but for more than half of the decades we haven’t seen these allies over the big screen. In 1993 the marvel has to sell his X-Men rights to the fox Because of a financial strap and this was the main reason we are not able to see X-Men and Avengers together but now when the Marvel studio is financially strong they took the rights of the X-Men back of from the Fox studios 20th century

    This was the biggest good News for the MCU fans because from now they are able to see the Avengers and X-Men allies together fighting from the strong villain together on the big screen