Russos brothers will bring the Wolverine & X-Men in MCU Phase 4?


    The Wolverine is an X-Men origin and the MCU has stated that it will not bring the X-Men into its phase 4 but it may bring the iconic character Wolverine in the MCU phase 4.

    The Wolverine is a superhero film published by Marvel Comics in association with X-Men featuring a character called Wolverine.

    As we know that the X-men series has become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year. And the X-Men could not make profits as it used to sustain and it has been a disappointment for the audience. X-Men has incurred over $100 million dollars. That is why MCU producers have said that they will not keep the X-men in its MCU phase 4 movies. They will reboot the X-Men franchise and then it will take back then movies.

    So we can expect that Marvel Studios will not bring the character of Wolverine in MCU phase 4. But Fox producers are expecting that Kevin Feige will recast the iconic character Wolverine in the MCU.

    It will be the biggest challenge for Marvel Studios to fit the X-Men into the MCU.

    It is been said that Russos brothers will bring the Wolverine in the Avengers.

    Wolverine is a human being who possesses the X gene. He has the animal keen sense and possesses enhanced physical capabilities and he also has a healing factor. It’s alter ego is James Howlett.