Scott and Kourtney’s vacations and Co-parenting are the talk of the Town!


    Relationship and their rollercoaster rides are never-ending. And if we have to talk about celebrities and their relationships, well what a tough task! It’s more complicated than a DNA structure.

    Recently, when asked to Scott about his children and how they are managing it with each other, he clearly stated life is a challenge and if you and if you work at what you want, you get it.
    Scott and Kourtney broke up in 2015 almost after a decade dating with each other now have completely moved on with their lives, with different people.

    Though there were times when Kourtney was linked with some names, nothing specific came out and she’s said to be single and living her life by her own. Whereas, Scott is dating Sofia a 20, year old model since 2017 and is totally in love with her.

    While managing his relationship with Sofia, he is also in good terms with Kourtney and his three kids Mason, Penelope and Reign. The former lovers share a beautiful friendship with each other and take care of their children as a family.

    Recently, Scott and Kourtney went out for a vacation and was accompanied by Sofia. Sofia seems to be very cool about Scott sharing his time with his family and Kourtney. She herself has come up from the divorced family background and understands the dimensions of the relationship. Scott also shared a picture on Instagram with his former ex and current girlfriend.

    Scott is also concerned about Kourtney and wants her to get married before than him. He says it will be unfair of me to get married to Sofia before Kourtney. They both are great friends and doing their best in co-parenting and therefore he genuinely cares for her happiness. Scott says it will be uncomfortable for me to get married before, Kourtney. He thinks he would hurt his kids and Kourtney’s feelings if he gets married first.

    Well, It is happy news anyway that the ex-lovers do not have something ugly and are pretty much sure about their relationship with each other.
    Meanwhile, Kim and her mom seems to be little perplexed and keeps talking about Kourtney’s relationship with Scott on the show.