Secret relationship of Selena Gomez with Niall Horan?


    An American Singer, actress, producer SELENA GOMEZ is so popular on news nowadays there are rumors that she’s silently dating Niall Horan but all people don’t know how much it’s true. She was not in any relationship after the breakup with her ex-boyfriend JUSTIN BEIBER in March 2018 she was so popular that days for being in a relationship with JUSTIN BEIBER but now after a year some secret news is coming that she started to dating NIALL HORAN.

    Since she and Justin ended their relationship there were no rumors of the relationship of Selena Gomez but now it looks like the wait is ended and new names started to come up and the new name is also of a singer non-other than the One Direction alum, NIALL HORAN.

    Credit:- Hollywoodlife

    This news was started to come up when a journalist Mike Wass tweeted that he saw Selena and Niall Horan together then this news started to get viral globally.

    He tweeted – @LewisCapaldi showcase was incredible. This guy is an F***G Star! ( Also, unless I am hallucinating, Selegend and Niall were sitting at the table next to me.

    This news was enough for fans to think that she started to date a new guy. But wait a sec! before you start to imagine something about their relationship you need to know something about them.

    Niall is a very good friend of Selena Gomez he said that she’s my very good friend and Selena loves his music too. But she’s not in a romantic relationship with him.

    So, for now, she’s not dating anyone she’s just taking good care of his friend and spending some good time with him.

    Selena doesn’t want to be in a relationship, for now, she wants to focus on her carrier for good. By the sources, she wants to stay single and she wants to be so perfect before starting any relationship with anyone.

    Selena and Niall have flirted many times but for now, they are very good and coolest friends of each other. We can hope to see that adorable couple in the future but for now, they’re good friends of each other.