Selena Gomez Angry With Her Fans Over Bill Murray’s Joke, Deletes Instagram


    The 26-year-old pop singer, Selena Gomez caused a massive uproar on Instagram when last month, she joked about marrying the 62-year-old Bill Murray.

    Her joke about marrying Bill Murray:

    On May 16, Selena posted pictures of her first Cannes Red Carpet Walk on Instagram. In some photographs, she was seen laughing and smiling with her The Dead Don’t Die, co-star, Bill Murray. But the caption of her post threw everyone off-guard in which she joked about marrying the veteran actor of whom she’s a big fan.

    Her fans’ response:

    Her post was bombarded with comments from her fans. One of them read, ‘Justin Beiber is feeling angry with Charlie Puth and nine others.’ Last September, when Selena took a break from the social media, she’d had said to her Instagram followers that negative comments could hurt anyone’s feelings.

    Looks like this time, the mean comments of her fans over her joke to marry Bill Murray has made Selena angry to the point of deleting Instagram from her phone despite having 152 million followers. Yes, guys, you read it right. Selena Gomez doesn’t have the app on her phone. In the show, On Live With Kelly And Ryan, the pop-star talked about the harm that social media is doing to the young generation.



    Selena Gomez and Bill Murray
    Selena Gomez and Bill Murray

    Social media has become unhealthy for youth…

    She said that it has become unhealthy, for young people, including herself, to spend all of their time fixating on the comments and letting the stuff in and it was affecting her. It was making her feel depressed, so she doesn’t have the app on her phone. She will use her friend’s phone to share anything with her fans in the future.

    So rest assured fans, Selena has just removed the app, not deleted her account. You will surely hear from your favorite star whenever she feels like it.