Selena Gomez Finally Deletes All Traces Of Justin Bieber From Her Instagram


    When Selena Gomez deleted wiped away the last trace of Justin Bieber from her viral IG account, it created a whirlwind of gossip and curiosity.

    Fans have always been favoring Justin and Selena while throwing rocks at the present thing that is shining for the ‘Baby’ singer – His marriage to Hailey Baldwin. Though it was very much over for the two singers way back in March 2018, people haven’t lost hope, and it seems that deleting away the remains of their relationship from Instagram was just a way of pushing people to move on too and reflect that she’s happy, according to a source.

    As reported by Hollywood life, an anonymous source told them, “Selena was not trying to throw shade at Justin. If anything, deleting that last bit of him off her Instagram page was a positive thing on her part because she is aware fans are still holding on to the whole ‘Jelena’ idea, and she doesn’t want to contribute to that. Her time with Justin was an important chapter in her life, but it is very much over. She’s in a new phase in her life, and she is embracing that.”

    The photo posted dated way back to March 2018 wherein she was seen balancing a Polaroid of Bieber on her nose while wishing a cute birthday. “March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom,” Gomez wrote. They reportedly split at the end of the month, but the picture stayed, until now.

    Credit - Elle
    Credit -Elle

    Though it’s definitely a good push towards the ending of a ‘maybe’ back together possibility for Jelena, but sadly for fans, now it seems that the end was indeed inevitable and final.