Selena Gomez is seen in the latest movie ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ where her death scene left the audience, including Bill Murray, shook.

    The movie is directed and written by Jim Jarmusch belonging to the genre as the name suggests zombie- horror- comedy. It has ensemble actors like Austin Butler,  Bill Murray, Chloe Sevigny, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, Carol Kane, Steve Buscemia and Tilda Swinton. The film was released recently on 14th of June, Friday.



    The movie is about the zombie apocalypse that occurs in the small town of Centerville as the polar fracking caused the Earth off its axis.

    Three friends Zoe (Selena Gomez), Jack (Ashton Butler) and Zach(Luka Sabbat)  enters in a general store to buy some soda, and a CD ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ where they ask the cashier of the store for a motel in Centerville. He told them that it’s down there and Jack asks him if it’s somehow like ‘the old horror movie like in psycho with separated bungalows,’ but the cashier refused.

    The three cops Bill Murray as Chief Robertson, Adam Driver as Officer Ronald ‘Ronnie’ and Chloe Sevigny as Officer Minerva ‘Mindy’ Morison of Centerville investigate the mysterious and strange zombie reports.

    sc: ABC news

    One of them said in the movie that the end would not be good, which implies to the fact everyone dies in the end as everyone was turning in a zombie. The death of Zoe (Selena Gomez) is one brutal death which was hard for even Bill to watch. In the scene to stop Joe from becoming a zombie Ronnie slices her head and instead of using an artificial dummy head somehow with graphics Selena’s body was shown detached from her head, and it seems like he is holding her head from her hair. Selena took it as a comedy and was cool about it.