Shang Chi Coming in the Upcoming Marvel Phase 4? Avengers Get Ready


    Marvel’s phase 3 ended with avengers endgame and left fans from all over the world broken. While some fans still can’t cope up with the trauma the film gave some are preparing for new heroes to stan for. According to Marvel’s phase 4 movie timeline, a new hero will rise, Shang Chi.


    Shang Chi is a character often known as a”Master of kung fu”. In the comics, he was the son of a criminal mastermind. His childhood was a lonely one and filled with severe martial arts training. Shang chi not knowing what his father does goes to complete a mission for him. When he confronted the enemy who told Shang Chi about his father’s deed. Shang Chi, upon realising of his father’s manipulation left his house and went with the enemy,  Sir Denis Nayland Smith.

    He carried out missions for MI6 and British Intelligence and swore to destroy his father’s empire. In the end, he contributed to his father’s death. Marvel has yet not started filming Shang Chi and the actors are not even selected.


    It is rumoured that the shortlist include Donnie Yen & Ludi Lin. Ludi Lin is considered as the main role and Donnie could join him on another role.

    This movie is first from Marvel Studio to feature an Asian actor in lead and is another step from Marvel towards diversifying heroes. Marvel has always made the best choices when it comes to showing that heroes can be anyone and from anywhere. The script of Shang Chi has been in production since last year when Marvel hired David Callaham. The movie shows signs that it will be completed sooner than expected.

    Marvel does not play when it comes to the movies and Phase 4 would be bigger than expected. The Russo brothers have still not revealed anything about the movie(the secrecy of marvel). The hopes for this movie is pretty high.