Sherlock Holmes is now all set to release the “Second chapter” or Season 2!


    For all those people who, like me, were disappointed about the fact that the fourth helping of Holmes in action has ended, here is some excellent news for you! It looks like Sherlock Holmes along with our favorite Watson might show up for the fifth season. Before you thank me for getting you all excited, here are all the details you can’t go on without knowing!Sherlock Holmes is now all set to release the "Second chapter" or Season 2!

    When is the release?

    This might be the biggest mystery, even bigger than the biggest one Sherlock had to solve! Until very recently, fans were under the impression that Sherlock Holmes season 5, if it exists, will not be out anytime sooner. But it just so happens we were in Luck after all seeing how there are subtle hints thrown at us which might prove otherwise.

    The co-showrunner Steven Moffat told us that they haven’t been able to sit down and have a chat about it so far. However, seeing how he is not working on Doctor Who and Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is no more, he might have more time on his hands than he initially thought he had.

    Anyways, to not sugar-coat it anymore, we do not know the particular date of the release or even the closest range. We could speculate about it being released somewhere in the fall next year, that is if they decide to make it.Sherlock Holmes is now all set to release the "Second chapter" or Season 2!

    What will it be about?

    Since the “chapter one” was officially over with a bang, the plot threads are many. However, one catch? We do not know any of the said many plot threads.

    All we know so far are what the actors want to see in the story development. Since, these speculations are just that, speculations, and we cannot be entirely sure. The showrunner Steven Moffat pictures “Chapter Two” as “our boys consciously living the myth and battling wrong-doers.”

    For more updates, all you have to do is wait patiently. Though, adding to this, you wishing it to come sooner wouldn’t harm either.