Shocking – What Happened to Rapper Slim 400 as he was Shot Ten Times?


    The famous rapper Slim 400, who is a YG affiliate, had to be rush to a hospital in L.A. According to reports, he was shot 10 times on 28 June, Friday. Around 8.30 p.m the police received a call and got the shocking news about the accident.



    Every single detail has not been found yet. The investigation is going on. Apparently, a black vehicle was seen at the crime spot. The vehicle fleed from the place of the accident leading to definite suspicion about it.

    No Jumper podcast host Adam 22 shared a screenshot of his text messages on Twitter. The text clearly showed a conversation with an unknown person regarding the horrible incident of Slim 400.


    The Compton rapper who is just 31 years old was shot on his face and back. The talented rapper is currently battling with life at St. Francis Medical Center.

    Slim’s Growing Popularity

    Slim 400 is an American rapper who is widely recognized for his contribution to the hip-hop community. His singles “Bruisin” featuring YG’s Sad Boy Loko is extremely popular. The video received more than 15 million views on Youtube. Slim is a very close friend and a frequent collaborator of YG.

    He is doing a lot of good projects recently including Homies (2017), Tap In (2017), For Reala (2017).

    The West Coast rapper has collaborated with great labels such as Empire Distribution, Get Dough and All Money in Records. He made appearances in big tours like J Cole, Big Sean, and Yo Gotti.

    Current Condition

    Slim has been severely injured. After the horrible incident, Slim was lying in a pool of blood. He is undergoing critical surgery. Some reports have claimed that Slim is dead. But sources confirm that he is alive but in a very serious condition.

    His friends and colleague are shocked by such alarming news. They still can not understand what might be the motive for shooting him. The police are going on with their investigation. Hopefully, they will be able to come up with the right suspect.

    Meanwhile, we all pray for a quick recovery of Slim. The hip-hop community needs you Slim. Get well soon!