Shoplifter Tom Hanks? Catch him if you can


    We all know how good a runner is Tom Hanks. Remember the all-time favorite movie, Forrest Gump. Now, who can forget that, right? Is Tom using his running skills to shoplift and then run? Let’s find out.

    Kimmel and his fun

    Yes, Tom Hanks has finally committed the first ever crime. Tom came to promote his new film Toy Story 4 which is slated for a June 21 release. He made an appearance in the popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Knowing the mischievous Jimmy, this episode was also fun and entertaining.

    However, the funniest part is the dare challenged to Tom by Jimmy. Jimmy threw him a challenge saying Tom that he is to steal his cardboard cutout from the Hollywood souvenir shop.

    Now the perfectionist Tom Hanks is one good sport. He took the challenge with all his heart and spirit. The man himself remarked that for only one thing he could get arrested and that is his irresistible charm. True.

    Thursday was a day full of surprise not only for Hanks but also for the tourists on the road. Hanks smartly started walking down Hollywood Boulevard leaving the theatre at once. He walked up to the shop and left all the customers in the shop in complete awe.

    Tom hates Matt Demon

    Now guess who did Tom meet in the shop? It was Matt Demon, one of the favorite actors of Jimmy. No, no, it was not the real Matt, but a giant life-like cutout of him. Tom, with his usual funny banter, told the other customers how he hates this Matt Demon.

    He even took a marker and started drawing on Matt Demon’s cutout. He wrote him on his face ” I am a dope” and finished his superb artwork. Kimmel became all the more impressed with Hanks because of his such sporting nature.

    Tom, the shoplifter

    Hanks stole his standee loud and clear saying to the employees of the shop that he is stealing his cutout. He was incredibly honest about his deed- ” Hi, I am Tom Hanks and stealing this standee.”

    Customers in the shop were shocked to have such a pleasant surprise. Tom had a great time chatting and joking around with the customers.