Some Secrets Revealed! FIFA 20 is Coming with Lots of New Features?


    With a top list AI defending, a larger emphasis and incentive placed on manual defending, as opposed to letting the computer defend for you, a manual which likely helps you tackle, will propel the ball to a teammate for Fifa 20. With automatic defending which will see its overall efficacy reduced and reaction times slowed.

    With shooting also being revamped, with attackers given greater accuracy during natural shooting scenarios, such as being clean through against the ‘keeper. With Goalkeepers’ reaction times reduced in these situations to resolve the sometimes “superhuman” reactions players complained of. And additionally, with the timing window for green timed shots is being reduced to two frames for all shots,  FIFA’s gameplay improvements have been launched already.

    Fifa 20

    Though Fifa 20 hasn’t launched yet,  EA has shared many upcoming surprises about it.

    Moreover, loads of work has been done on making passing and shooting more realistic.  Especially when it comes to massive strikes, volleys will become more variable and less accurate.

    To compensate, comfortable situation passes will now be more specific. Two new passing options have also been introduced: the driven pass-and-go and the dinked pass, which will cease to be an automatic contextual pass variant and instead be user-controlled only.

    The Ultimate Team community is gasping for more on what FIFA 20 has in store.  And also from a selfish point of view, the fans would surely love to see the English National League introduced.