Song Hye-Kyo & Song Joong-Ki filed for Divorce amid Cheating rumors


    It was very heartbreaking when Song Joong-Ki officially announced his separation from Song Hye-Kyo. Fans still can’t believe Song Joong-Ki’s statement. It is really surprising and extremely sad for fans that their favorite couple will be divorced in the near future…..

    Early this week, Song Joong -Ki shared this news via an online web portal. The actor apologized from fans for delivering such unfortunate news. His statement revealed that the process of filling divorce has begun.

    Further, he requested fans to understand his situation and respect his privacy. Moreover, he promised fans that his personal problems wouldn’t hamper his professional life, and he will continue entertaining the audience with excellent production.

    Following the actor’s statement, Song Hye-Kyo’s agency also confirmed this news on Thursday. The agency revealed that it was a mutual decision from both the ends. Song Hye-Kyo is also ready for this divorce from Song Joong-Ki.

    Their statement made it clear that the couple is getting separated because of the difference in personalities. Further, they are unable to solve these issues, and hence, they have now opted for divorce, which will lead to their separation.

    Both the stars want the divorce should take place peacefully without denouncing one another. We too hope that fans understand their perspective and avoid the blame game.

    They started dating back in 2016 when they were co-starring in Descendants of the Sun. Their on-screen chemistry was of another level. In 2017, in a private ceremony, the couple got married. Ever since then, their love story was setting new benchmarks. But suddenly things changed, and now they are heading for divorce. We hope that they clear difference and reunite.

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