Sorry Santa Clarita Diet Fans but plans for Season 4 has been canceled


    The comical horror web series Santa Clarita Diet has been canceled. Therefore, there will be no season 4 of this web series.

    Santa Clarita Diet premiered in February 2013. Overall, three seasons were shown on Netflix. However, Netflix canceled the fourth season of this web series on April 2019.

    What is the story of Santa Clarita Diet so far?

    A couple named, Sheila and Joel were living in Santa Clarita, California. The couple faced a series of problems when Sheila transformed into a beautiful zombie. She became violent and craved for human flesh.

    The families of Joel and Sheila helped them throughout their crisis. The families had to deal with their neighbors and cultural beliefs as well. At the end of season 3, Sheila turned her husband Joel into a zombie and lived happily together.

    Who were the actors in Santa Clarita Diet?

    The actors in the series are, Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond, Timothy Olyphant as Joel Hammond, Liv Hewson as Abby Hammond and others.

    Why has Santa Clarita Diet season 4 been canceled?

    Netflix gave no exact reason for the cancellation of the web series. The creator, Victor Fresco, was unaware of the decision of Netflix. In one of his interviews, before cancellation, he talked about the possibility of Santa Clarita Diet season 4 and season 5 as well.

    What did the fans of Santa Clarita Diet do?

    The fans of Santa Clarita Diet were in a rage and started a #SaveSantaClaritaDiet on Twitter, asking for season 4. Netflix meanwhile has expressed their gratitude to the creator, Victor Fresco for bringing this “ zom – com” to Netflix.

    Is there any web series that was canceled after three seasons?

    Recently, Netflix also canceled another web series named, “ One Day At A Time.” This web series also telecasted three seasons before cancellation on March 2019.

    We would miss the brilliant cast and the hilarious plotline. Sheila and Joel will always remain in our hearts, and we hope that they will be having a happy and peaceful life. Santa Clarita Diet, season 1 to 3 is now available on Netflix.