South Korean Actress Jeon Mi-Seon Sudden Death- Did She Commit Suicide?


    It is not a good time for the entertainment industry, with so many sudden deaths of celebrities back to back. The newly added person to this list is none other than the famous South Korean actress Jeon Mi-Seon. The 48 years old actress was found dead in a hotel in Jeonju, on Saturday afternoon.

    Jeon was found hanging in the hotel’s bathroom. Nothing can be more terrible than this.

    Possible Reasons

    Jeon’s manager provided quite a lot of information about the actress’s tragic death. Her manager was worried as Jeon was missing for two days. The manager also confirmed that she has been suffering from severe depression lately.

    A close source of Jeon confirmed that she was undergoing treatment for her depression. “The late Jeon Mi-Seon had received treatments for her depression. We regret that we bring sad tidings” said Jeon’s agency Boas Entertainment in a statement.

    Is it Suicide?

    Credit: Photo by Steve Cho/Penta Press/Shutterstock (10320949e)
    Jeon Misun
    ‘The King’s Letters’ film press conference, Seoul, South Korea – 25 Jun 2019

    Well, the police are trying their best to investigate the matter quickly and to come up with the right reasons. The initial investigation is still going on, and they have not concluded as of yet. It is confirmed that Jeon checked into the hotel two days ago. The police have not found any signs of forced entry either.

    No suicide note is found in the room as well from Jeon’s side. The whole case looks like a suicide. Nonetheless, the correct information is yet to come. Let’s hope for a quick response from the police.

    The police also reported, ” It seems Jeon has been largely depressed as she recently lost a family member while her mother has been ill in bed.”

    Jeon’s Career Graph

    Jeon was mainly praised for her performances in supporting roles in films and television series such as Memories of Murder, Moon Embracing the Sun, Hide and Seek.

    She was also the lead actress in the film Love Is A Crazy Thing (2005).

    Jeon recently made a public appearance on Wednesday in Seoul to promote ” The King’s Letters.” She played the role of queen Soheon Hwanghu in the film. The film is slated to release next month.

    She was in Jeonju for a performance in a play called “2 Nights and Three Days With My Mother”.

    Indeed, the Korean film industry is mourning the sudden demise of Jeon. We hope her soul rests in peace.