South Korean veteran actress, Jeon Mi-seon commits suicide at 48


    The South Korean actress, Jeon Mi-Seon, has been found dead in a hotel in Jeonju, South Korea on June 29, 2019.

    The actress was found hanging in a bathroom and believe that it was an apparent suicide. The 48-year-old actress was also suffering from depression, and people think she might have taken away her life.

    But the strange part is,  the Police haven’t got the hand of any clue regarding the death of the actress and neither there was any breakout or homicide activity nor any suicide note in the room. Still, the police haven’t confirmed the cause of death, but they are assuring that investigation is underway.

    The local news agency named Yonhap News Agency reported that police issued a statement regarding the death of actress, they said, “We believe Jeon Mi-Seon was very depressed because there was a death in the family and her mother had been very ill.”

    The actress checked in the hotel for two days, and her manager aroused the news of actress been missing for two days.

    Jeon Mi-Seon was a prominent actor in the South Korean Film Industry. She had a good career with remarkable performances in various movies and tv series. She played the lead role in the 2005 romantic-comedy film; Love is a Crazy Thing. But most importantly, she was best known for her supporting roles in 2003’s Memories of Murder, 2012’s Moon Embracing the Sun and Hide and Seek in 2013. Her posthumous appearance will be n upcoming movie The King’s Letter where she would portray Queen Soheon Hwanghu.

    The actress will be sadly missed and may her soul rest in peace!