Steel Division 2 Review: Command your own Battlefield in this real-time war strategy game


    The strategy war video game, Steel Division is back with, Steel Division 2. The game Steel Division 2 is the sequel of Steel Division: Normandy 44, which was released in 2017. Steel Division 2 is set during Operation Bagration, of World War II.

    How many game modes are there in Steel Division 2?

    The game, Steel Division 2 has many game modes, for both single players and multiplayer. Steel Division 2 introduces a new mode called the Army General mode, which can be used by the single-player. There are 4 modes for multiplayer users:

    • Conquest mode, where you have to control more ground than your rival within a limited time.
    • Close Combat mode, the goal remains the same as in Conquest mode. The enemies are much closer to you.
    • Destruction mode, you need to destroy your opponents’ unity to win this mode.
    • Breakthrough mode, one needs to defend itself from getting attacked by their opponents.

    What about the maps?

    There are 25 maps in this Steel Division 2. These maps can be used for both single players and multiplayer. The size of these maps is 150 x 100km. The first phase of the beta, there will be two maps: Orsha North and Vitebsk East. In these maps can be played from 1v1 up to 4v4 players.

    How does the battlefield look like?

    Steel Division 2 will provide a larger and better perspective on war. The battlefields are unique and intricate in this video game. You need to pay attention to each of the details. Line of Sight tool can be used to see your opponents movement.

    How many units are there in Steel Division 2?

    There are eight units in Steel Division 2. These units are divided into different categories like:

    • Recon
    • Infantry
    • Tank
    • Support
    • Anti-Tank
    • Anti-Air
    • Artillery
    • Air

    Here is a list of the best units available in the game: 

    Best Recon Units
    • Aufk.Panther D
    • Sd.Kfz. 250/1
    • 39M Csaba
    • T-34/76 Razvedka
    Best Infantry Units
    • S.MG 42
    • Jäger MG 42
    • Huszar Golyoszorosok
    • Shatrafniki:
    • Kaz. Komroti:
    Best Tank Units
    • Panther A
    • Tiger E
    • KV-85
    Best Anti-Tank Units
    • PaK 43 88mm
    • Jagdpanzer 38
    • ZiS-2 57mm

    The developer, Eugen system released Steel Division 2 in June 2019.