Steel Division 2: Now Play with 600 Artillery, Tanks, Airplanes and More


    Steel Division 2 is set during Operation Bagration, is a real-time strategy video game. It is a sequel to Steel Division: Normandy 44 which was released back in 2017.

    The game is developed by Eugen Systems and is published independently. The sequel was released on June 20, 2019, providing a complete and better experience as compared to the previous game of the franchise.

    Similar to its predecessor, Steel Division 2 takes huge inspiration from World War II. The game allows you to play a single player, multiplayer and also includes cooperative aspects. The only player mode is turn-based, with each of the turn being equivalent to half of the day, though combat is done in real time.

    Steel Division 2: Now Play with 600 Artillery, Tanks, Airplanes and More

    The multiplayer feature allows for twenty players to play, with ten against ten battles. The number of multiplayer is also the same the prequel of this game. Also, both single and multiplayer mode allows you to choose from 25 maps available in the game.

    As compared to its previous game in the franchise, its developers have given more attention to the details of the game. They have improved the features in the historically accurate units, aircraft, battlefields, weaponry, and vehicles.

    “We can’t wait for players to finally get their hands on the final version of Steel Division 2,” said Alexis Le Dressay, game director at Eugen Systems. He also added, “On behalf of the entire development team at Eugen Systems, we want to thank our die-hard community and players who helped us continue to improve and polish this game through its extensive closed beta period.”


    Steel Division 2 has more than 600 authentic units, spanning troops, artillery, tanks and airplanes of Soviet as well as the German side. This certainly takes the game to a higher league.