Stephen King’s ‘It’ gets ready for ‘It Chapter Two’ release in September


    Based on the 1986 horror novel ‘It’ by Stephen King, the second installment of It (2017) is approaching the theatres. After receiving acclamation for its brilliant storyline highlighting King’s classic writing with horror touch introspection, the movie garnered over $700 million at the box office.

    And now after two long years, comes the second part written by Gary Dauberman. In addition to its expectations, Dauberman revealed how excited he was. After his debut with Annabelle Comes Home, it seemed a lot changed for the screenplay writer. As a consequence of the super hit response for It, huge expectations have lined up for his writing.

    Recently though, in the midst of the tension of release, Gary Dauberman revealed that he was relieved that Stephen King found his work admirable. He expressed:

    “I can’t explain to you the relief I feel when he signs off on something or likes the work you’ve done. That’s the first person I’m trying to please when I’m adapting these things. It is an enormous amount of relief. I know I’m never going to be able to please everybody, so I just hope that he’s pleased. It really is a huge relief, and everything else for me is a bonus.”

    While this is great news but depicting King’s work in a movie isn’t always an easy task. But everything will be clear this September when the movie releases. In addition to It Chapter 2, comes another King’s horror novel based movie Doctor Sleep. It’s bound to give competition of comparison to director Andy Muschietti and Gary Dauberman’s upcoming movie.

    It Chapter 2 is based on the second half of the novel and continues after 27 years in 2016.

    The movie is set to release on September 6 in India.