Stranger Things season 3 Poster Released – What We interpreted from it


    American Web series Stranger Things is a sci-fi fiction drama created, directed and written by Duffer Brothers. It was premiered on 14 July 2016.

    This drama series was the talk of the town since it has been released and has been receiving mixed reviews from their audience. The cast has proved themselves and now holds a huge amount of fan following. Stranger Things season one and two has flawlessly narrated the storyline which is one of the best parts of the series and was capable enough to glue their fans into a storyline which was worth investing time.

    Stranger Things season 3

    Though season 02 was a bit flawed and didn’t impress the audiences as much as season one the growing horror of the series did help it to survive. There are many stones which are still unturned and fans are excitingly looking forward to season 03.

    Season 03 is all set to entertain their fans on 04 July 2019 with exciting twists. As the fans have lost their favourite characters in the earlier seasons they’re keeping their fingers crossed for the upcoming one.

    There are way too many predictions happening for Millie Brown’s character. Will she melt our hearts again? Will Mike and Eleven get more screentime for their beautifully growing romance? Will there be a new entry? And many more questions come up every day as the release date isn’t so far.

    Let’s just hope season 03 doesn’t mess up with the storyline and comes up with more killer episodes and fewer filler ones.