Supernatural’s season 15 shall be the show’s last as confirmed by CW


    Supernatural would finally put an end to the series with its upcoming season 15. The CW announced on March that season 15 would be the last. Fans would have to finally bid goodbye to Sam, Dean and Castiel. Few details about season 15 have emerged till now.

    There will be fewer episodes on Supernatural season 15. Usually, the series features 22-24 episodes. The new season shall have 20 episodes to wrap up the journey. However the time slot for the show shall remain constant. New episodes shall feature every Thursday at 8 pm. The season itself shall premiere on 10th October.

    Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, showrunner Andrew Dabb shared his thoughts about Supernatural season 15. “God was not kidding when he said it was the end of this story. And by the end of this story, it means the end of the world. The question of what that looks like, the question of how Sam and Dean deal with that, I think those are the big things that we’re going to explore going into season 15.”

    The final season shall have the guys back to take on the zombies. Padalecki, Ackles and Collins shall make a return on Supernatural. Apart from the trio, there has been no official confirmation about the return of other characters.

    Credits: TVLine

    Fan favorite Crowley might not make a return for the show’s final season. Sheppard had publicly expressed that he was disappointed in his character’s ending on Supernatural. When asked if he would make a return to the show at Comic-Con, Sheppard replied that it was unlikely.

    “Why? I’ve done what I’ve done. I did well. I have new things to do. For God’s sake, face it, I’m dead! Wakey, wakey, they tried to kill me off for two years!” Mark Sheppard talked about Crowley’s return on Supernatural.

    Nothing is confirmed as of yet. Fans would have to wait for the final season of Supernatural to find out.