‘Swamp Thing’ cancelled after one week of premiere, reasons and more


    Swamp Thing is a new web series presented by DC Universe, and it premiered on 31st May, but after one week of the premiere, the series is officially canceled by DC Universe.

    About Swamp Thing:

    Swamp Thing is a supernatural superhero American TV series based on horror and drama by DC Universe. The launch took place in September last year and thus, it premiered on 31st May 2019.

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    Swamp Thing: Cancelled

    DC Universe announces its cancellation after its one episode.

    The series has received great reviews and positive response from critics and fans. The series aired only its first episode on the streaming platform, and episode two was about to available on Friday. But before Friday, DC universe canceled the show without any explanation.

    After the cancellation, the series got trending on twitter as #SaveSwampThing because the removal of the series came as 100% surprise.

    The series got 92 % ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

    Swamp Thing
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    Why Swamp Thing is get Cancelled

    Since the DC Universe announced the cancellation without any description, therefore, people speculate that it got canceled due to confusion over funding for the film program in North Carolina. It is where the shooting took place.

    But later on the North Carolina Film Office Director Guy Gaster has told that the state government’s budget miscommunication had nothing to do with the cancellation of Swamp Thing.

    But reports said that the Show’s budget was correct and it had enough money for the show. So we can say that this is not the valid reason for the cancellation.