Techlands drops New Dying Light 2 trailer & looks like it will be more engaging. Gameplay, Release date & More


    Techland announced the sequel for 2015 Dying Light back in E3 2018 and now in E3 2019, it looks like we have a possible release date. Techland dropped the new trailer for upcoming survival horror action role-playing game, Dying Light 2 in Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference. Dying Light 2 is a decision driven game where your activities have results that swell all through the city.

    The trailer mainly depicted the story arc of the game and the role of our protagonist, Aiden Caldwell. The story follows of infected but highly skilled parkour -Aiden and various consequences and factions he likely have to encounter. the game is particularly based on a fact that every action has consequences that wave through the city.

    The trailer displays humans and zombies but the thing is humans are also going to be freaking problematic like pesky zombies. But zombies are no near during the day but are disastrous at night. The game also has a bunch of choices that take you to different play through. If you want to taste all the possibilities of completing objective you have to experience every play through.

    The game producer Kornel Jaskula explained to GamesRadar and said, “It’s almost like we are creating several games worth of content right now. We are coming up with the game with the muse that a number of the players can miss content and that we square measure okay thereupon. Thanks to the variability of stories, missions, content, and assets, we tend to believe that it’ll create players need to play the sport once more and once more, or attempt to play with other players in co-op to see their worlds.”

    Dying light 2 is expected to release in spring 2020 for Xbox, PS4, and PC.