‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans celebrates Father’s Day with sadness


    The former Teen Mom 2 star is going through a rough patch in life with husband David Eason. The two of them lost a custody battle losing their children following a reckless and insensitive incident.

    The pair haven’t been spared after losing their children following trolls from social media and viciousness from their own viewers. Jenelle Evans posted an Instagram story recently highlighting how lonely and quiet it is at their home.

    Credit – Jenelle Evans Instagram

    Posting a picture of a backyard pool area where presumably her children filled the void, the story reflected her sadness. Without their children on Father’s Day, the couple made it obvious that they have a hard time coming up with their loss.

    Eason reportedly had shot their family dog Nugget after scratching up his daughter’s face and as a result of this nincompoop action, they lost the custody battle. Previously, he was also fired from the show as a consequence of posting homophobic tweets.

    While Jenelle and Eason may not be having the time of their lives, they are doing everything they can do set things right on track. They went on a boat trip together to lift their sombre mood.

    Why was Evans removed from Teen Mom 2?

    Following this incident of the lost custody battle, Jenelle was fired from the show. As mentioned before, her husband was removed back in 2018.

    While it is indefinite when they’ll be able to get back their children, they are doing everything they can. Currently, they’re allowed to visit the children who are with Evans’ mother now just once a week. Also, the couple is attending therapy and fulfilling other conditions set by the judge in order to complete their family once again.