Teen Mom : Love at teenage! Blessing! curse! Or a disaster?


    Teen mom portrays beautifully the love that a teenager goes through on an early age and also into the problems she faces after that getting pregnant. Is it a blessing ? or a curse ? or a disaster confronted by many lives?

    Teen mom basically an English reality tv series which is broadcasted by MTV. Focusing on several young mothers and the problems faced by them it portrays their romantic relationships beautifully, to how they navigate their motherhood it also represents their family matters school life, child abortion, and various other family matters.

    Teen Mom : Love at teenage! Blessing! curse! Or a disaster?

    In the first season aired in 2009, the story starts with Maci, Farrah, Catelyn, and Amber who are shown struggling in their early years of motherhood. Then its all about conflicts, heartbreaks, and family problems and about how they try hard to save their personal life along with the responsibility of a child on them.

    In season 3, Farrah and Amber go through custody battles and family shrife whereas Ryan and Kyle have other family and school issues. Then Maci reveals his relation with kyle and Garry showcases his journey with Amber, which was, so fascinating to watch.

    By 2016 and season 6 Amber and Garry go through custody issues, and hence they settle their problems with Leath, Maci and Taylor plan their wedding together. As the season goes ahead, they again doubt their decision of getting married so earlier. During the season catlyn goes through serious issues and thereby suffer from depression and anxiety. Amber is just sad about her battle with Farrah and Gary.

    Teen Mom

    As Season 7 goes on with a twist as Amber lashes out about his relationship with Matt. Ryan had been started taking drugs, and by the end of the season, maci comes to know about his drug use.  In season 8 there approaches there comes a time of separation of catlyn and Tyler. Catlyn meets Amber about her separation issues and gets counselor advice. And by the end of the season, Maci meets Ryans parents.

    With so many twists and turns the season 9 which is to be aired in June 2019, there are so many expectations and so many possibilities in the season. This season has attracted a lot of viewers and is still doing the same and will continue to do so with time.