Teen Mom OG Season 8 returning to MTV


    MTV show Teen Mom, renamed Teen Mom OG, just returned for a smashing Season 8 after celebrating it was tenth-anniversary last week. And as we celebrate a decade of this teen drama, there’s no better time for a throwback to look at how the original girls (OG’s) have come so far.

    Quit bein’ nostalgic
    Should we?

    I mean, the trailer of the tenth anniversary season hit us all hard with everything the cast has been through so far- all the legal blowbacks, relationship drama, emotional trauma, and all the strength they’ve carried. But Season 2 was a milestone for us; it was when we knew that this show, is going to make it for a decade and still be popular.

    Season 2 was when Farrah was still in college; when Catelynn was still shopping for prom; when Amber and Gary’s engagement fell apart and when Catelynn and Tyler finally reunited with their daughter in a heartwrenching moment. In three words, some serious emotional investment.

    What’s changing?

    Oh, for the good old days when all the OG’s- Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout McKinney, Catelynn Baltierra, and Amber Portwood were still on the show. The new season doesn’t feature Farrah Abraham or even Bristol Palin who joined along the way. They both had a piece of Teen Mom OG style drama with MTV, and in the end, Farrah was fired, and Bristol dropped out by herself.

    That’s not it though. The characters have evolved since Season 2. They’ve been through a lot, and everything that they’ve learned reflects in their maturity. Teen Mom isn’t a bunch of teenagers messing up and figuring out how to stay afloat on their own for the first time anymore. It’s now more of learning from past mistakes and still making new ones.

    What’s your take on MTV’s evolution of Teen Mom OG over the past decade? Do you miss the old cast and vibe? Or are you just going with it, celebrating a decade long commitment to an inspiring and crazy dramatic series?