The 100 co-stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley confirm their wedding and surprise the fans


    The news about Eliza and Bob’s wedding finally broke out this year. They had kept their relationship hidden, and now it is the greatest surprise to the fans. The couple has also shared pictures of their moments of contentment, and they are beside themselves with happiness. They had their previous relationships, which they have shared with the media, but none of their relationships had lasted longer. The couple has been working in the science fiction The 100 since 2014 and are continuing to as the seventh season is underway.

    The Newly Weds

    Eliza taylor and bob morley

    Eliza and Bob had kept their relationship concealed from the world. Their marriage this year was no less than a shock to their fans. The couple has shared the pictures of their wedding and has confessed that they beyond happy to be with each other. The couple has been working together in a science fiction television series. Nothing was heard, or anything was rumored about their relationship. However, they are married now, and the couple is beside themselves, which is evident from the captions of their pictures on Instagram.

    Not only did Eliza share her happiness with her fans, but Marley has as well. The creator of The 100, Rosenberg, was also quick to convey his regards to the newlyweds.

    Their previous love affairs

    Bob Morley had been in a relationship with Jessica Tovey for two years or so, dated from 2006 to 2008. Eliza, according to the reports, had two exes. However, none of their relationships lasted no longer, and they were united. The fans though wished them to be together but were oblivious of the fact that they are already engaged and will be entering into wedlock this year. Their marriage happens to be the greatest surprise for all their fans.

    Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley’s Projects Together

    Eliza and bob

    We have been watching Eliza and Bob being co-starred in the CW drama The 100 since 2014. The show is in its sixteenth season now, and it has been reported that the seventh season is in germination.